On Principle…

I like to consider myself a loyal, trustworthy person, who does, I admit, have very strong opinions, but sticks to them and abides by her ‘rules’ and principles solidly. The most important thing to me is loyalty, closely followed by acceptance and having an open mind. Over the years the key principles which I judge by and live by have become clearly defined, and are increasingly important to me.

  1. Don’t cheat; stay faithful or stay alone.
  2. Discrimination is never okay whether it is homophobic, transphobic, racist or sexist; it is always wrong.
  3. Don’t make self harm, suicide or rape jokes. Ever. Always be aware that something could be triggering.
  4. Mental disorders are not adjectives. e.g. ‘You look anorexic’, ‘I’m so depressed’ is again, triggering.
  5. Any kind of shaming is wrong e.g. fat-shaming, slut-shaming or virgin-shaming.
  6. Being intoxicated is not an excuse for anything – if you can’t control yourself when you’re not sober, stay sober.
  7. Call someone by what they want to be called, whether you like it/ agree with it or not. Never misgender or misname someone even if it’s just a nickname they prefer.

Riot ❤

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