I Am Pro-Choice

Abortion is such a sensitive topic I feel it’s hard to discuss in everyday life. However, I have strong opinions about what I believe to be right. The bottom line is, I am pro-choice. No matter what, I believe a woman should have the right to decide what happens to her body and her baby.

I would like to start by saying that I believe abortion is not something that should be done lightly – if you are in a relationship, then it should be discussed with both involved parties; if it was the result of a one night stand or anything, both people should be told. Although ultimately I do believe the woman has a greater right to decide, I believe entirely that the other person should have a say in what happens, as it is equally their child.

Secondly, I want to make clear that this is abortion I am talking about – not using contraception or taking the morning after pill, I am talking about deliberately aborting a fetus. Despite being a lesbian (clearly at no risk of getting pregnant accidentally), I feel strongly about abortion, as I feel any woman should and men as well. I think getting to the point of wanting/needing an abortion, is generally quite serious, as there are so many ways to prevent accidental pregnancy – I mean honestly, use protection, and if in doubt, take the morning after pill, it’s not that hard. And if you ensure you do these then it’s much less likely you’ll suddenly realise you are pregnant. (Obviously there are always differing circumstances) ABORTION SHOULD NOT BE A METHOD OF CONTRACEPTION.

Right, now to talk about the actual subject. People often argue that there are so many people out there, desperately wanting a child, that is seems stupid and cruel almost, to have an abortion when you could instead give that child to someone who wants it and for whatever reason cannot have their own. However, I pose the question – are we ‘running out’ of children to adopt? No, of course not. There will, sadly, always be children who are without parents or a steady home. So now I ask you, why create more? Why put more children through this? There are enough children with parents who are not looked after or loved, let alone those without parents.

The other point many people argue is that it is simply wrong to ‘kill’ a person. I agree with this. However, it has been proven that by six weeks brain activity will be present and the baby’s heartbeat will start. Widely, these are regarded as the moment the fetus turns into a baby and the ‘person’ starts living. Of course, some people consider life to begin at the conception, and some only after birth. However, I believe once there is a heartbeat and brain activity, there is life – and therefore after that, it is wrong to have an abortion (unless in extreme circumstances). Therefore, I say that abortion should not be outlawed or frowned upon, but simply pushed forward. I believe, to be on the safe side, there should be a four/five week marker when following that, abortion is not allowed. This ensures enough time to make an informed decision, but not long enough that it is actual ‘murder’ or much more than getting rid of a clump of cells.

Some extreme pro-lifers even have a problem with abortion following rape, which I find ridiculous. I cannot possibly understand how it is okay to expect a woman to have a daily reminder of a violating experience, of being told she must care for and love that child when it is that reminder, and a product of such a traumatic experience. This is the main reason I will never agree with simply not allowing abortion, along with the fact that everyone should have control over their own body and future.

I am pro-choice.

Riot ❤

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