PSA: ‘Real Gamers’

You constantly find in the gaming world that there are gaming snobs, who hold a sense of authority and are massively pretentiousness. People who consider themselves ‘real gamers’ and take it upon themselves to inform you that you’re not a ‘real’ gamer – always with an air of condescension. I consider myself a gamer, as someone who regularly plays Xbox and enjoys it. I love Mirror’s Edge, Assassin’s Creed and Lara Croft. I have numerous iPhone games like Tetris and I’m involved in online RPGs. I myself consider myself a gamer. That’s it. That’s enough to label myself as a gamer. Of course, if you really are just saying you’re a gamer to seem ‘cool’ or whatever then you’re a bit of an idiot, but even so. If someone plays and enjoys games – they can call themselves a gamer. I don’t really play CoD, or Pokemon or Mario. I’m not a big GTA player or into Zelda or Final Fantasy, though sure I’ve played the occasional game. But we’re constantly bombarded with images and conversations telling us you have to be into certain things to be allowed into this worldwide clique of ‘real gamers’. And this kind of thing is everywhere – you have to know every lyric and song name to be a real fan of a band; you have to know all the cast and crew to really be into a TV show… It’s ridiculous. The bottom line is, if someone likes something and wants to be something they can damn well call themselves a ‘gamer’, or a ‘nerd’ or a ‘fan’ or whatever they want. As I’ve said in previous posts – identity is up to the individual, anyone can decide who they want to be.
So please, let’s stop this stupid snobbery, patronisation and basically elitism. It’s just dumb.

Riot ❤


  1. Whilst I am hidden amongst their ranks, PC gamers in my opinion, are some of the most pretentious, spoilt, painfully elitist type of gamer out there. I remember the days when we played games to have fun, not to track how many polygons the guns had or how it did on metacritic…Good times. Great article!

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