Eight Responses for Sexism, Cat-Callers and Unwanted Compliments

How many times a week, hell, how many times a day do we experience or witness cat-calling, or some other sexist comment? Everywhere you go, whether that’s the workplace, a supermarket or a school, people (sadly men, mostly) feel it is their right to comment on women’s bodies or gender. Although ignoring these comments and walking away is a good idea, sometimes it feels better to talk back, and in a way, that is more powerful. If these people get told what they’re doing is wrong, they’ll think twice before doing it again, if they are just ignored, they’ll just keep on harassing other women. So below I’ve outlined some typical situations, and some possible responses.

Situation: Being yelled at from a car
Response: Run towards the car, stick your head in the window, and in your politest voice say “Pardon?”

Situation: Told you ‘get back in the kitchen’
Response: Smile and reply “Oh you’re right, let me go grab a knife.”

Situation: “You only find me annoying cause you’re on your period”
Response: “What’s the reason I hate you the other 29 days of the month?”

Situation: Someone touches you inappropriately.
Response: Take their hand, lift it up and say as loudly as possible “Has anyone lost a hand? I found this one trying to grope me.”

Situation: Being rated e.g. “You’re a 10/10”
Response: Reply with “I would also rate you but you are so far in the negatives that I don’t have time to list all those numbers.”

Situation: Being called a ‘bitch’.
Response: Quote Lost Girl with “Bitch is just a word men use to describe the chick in charge.”

Situation: Some simple, vile phrase such as ‘you’d get it’ or ‘sit on my face’.
Response: Gasp and stare at them, clapping your hands together and loudly say “My goodness, we have a modern Shakespeare! What a master of words, what a miraculous poet!” until they run off embarrassed.

Situation: The typical ‘you’re fit’.
Response: Smirk and reply “And you, Sir, are a sexist.”

I hope some of these will come in useful, and please comment below with your best sexism comebacks!
Riot ❤


  1. Situation: you get an unwanted compliment/opinion
    Response:innocently ask who? When they answer you say no who the fuck asked for your opinion?

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