Where is this going? A blog update.

So I’ve been AWOL around here for quite a while, and I know most people subscribed to this won’t have even noticed, and even fewer will have been bothered by it, but it bothers me. I’m not one to do something half-heartedly – unless I specifically start it with that parameter in mind! However in the past almost-year I have been feeling less inspired about what to post on here. It’s not that I haven’t had ideas, it’s that they’ve all been far too long or in-depth to write properly, or they’ve been about issues I don’t have the time to research fully and therefore do justice. I think this all comes from me being more world-aware than I was when this blog originally started, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it has cut down on my posting as I’ve wanted to do more rounded and informed posts. I’ve also been incredibly busy with university, a full-time holiday job and trying to get freelance film work. (But I know, I shouldn’t make excuses.)

So, where is this blog going?

Well, it’s not ending. I enjoy rambling and sharing my opinion far too much to let it disappear. I would like to rebrand it, however, moving to a less-frequent posting but better-quality content. I’d also like to tailor the blog much more towards film and screenwriting, though I will still be covering feminism, gender, LGBT+ issues and mental health.

These segments will be continuing:

  • Screenwriting 101: I adore this series. It helps me keep a record of what I’ve learnt, as well as enabling me to talk on length about a subject I love. So, it’s sticking around. It’ll continue to do tips and tricks, detailed step-by-steps and just muse about screenwriting in general.
  • Gender-Bending: this is a reboot of my ‘Amp up the andro’ segment which is now going to be tailored more towards a range of gender-related topics. Not women’s rights necessarily, but anything to do with androgyny, the gender binary, genderqueerness and non-binary stuff in general; from fashion to rants.
  • Anything else! I will of course still be doing random posts, whether they be about politics or mental health or personal experiences or other film-related things. They’ll still be categorised by the usual tags and categories.

To help with sorting out all the new segments and helping any blog-visitors find what they’re interested in, I’ll be going back and re-titling old posts so you’ll now have fewer places to look through to find your little corner of the blog.

I hope you guys are looking forward to this year of blogging as much as I am! I’ll aim to do a new blog post fortnightly at the minimum. And as always, if you have any requests or ideas (even if they don’t seem related to the stuff above) then just ask!

Thanks for reading!


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