15 women film critics you should be reading

Screen Queens

15 women critics to read

Here at SQ, its important to us to spread the love and appreciation of other women working in and writing about film, not just our own staff members. Women film critics are a minority, and it’s rare to find any that have the cultural power of Kermode and Mayo, Roger Ebert or Peter Bradshaw, so we’ve compiled a list of women critics, in print or online, that you should be reading/watching/listening to.

1Sophie Monks Kaufman

Sophie Monks Kaufman is an Editor of Little White Lies, a print and digital love letter to film, she has also written for The Guardian, Total Film and Eye for Film. She frequently discusses feminist issues such as the Bechdel Test and the lack of minority film-makers.

Check Out: Evolution Review, How to make a film out of personal experience, Interview with Deniz Gamze Erguven 

T: @sopharsogood


Mallory Andrews

Mallory Andrews is a…

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