Update: September 2017

So this is just a little update post – I know not many people religiously follow, read or respond to my blog but for anyone that does I wanted to explain the current situation! (For more regular updates you can follow my Facebook or Twitter)

In May I submitted my last assessment for university, and in July I graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Film. I am currently working a non-film-related job, but it has allowed me to stay in Southampton and move into a proper little flat rather than my previous tiny studio! I am also literally next to my favourite coffee shop, so am planning weekly Sunday writing sessions in there once I have unpacked!

My current short film project, Wayfaring, has been postponed indefinitely for now as we had scheduling issues, but that will hopefully move into production either end of this year or beginning of the next. I am also currently working on the first draft of a script I want to make for my first feature, so more intermittent updates in the future!

For now, blog posts will remain scarce, as my 7am-7pm weekly work day doesn’t allow for much downtime or post prep, but I will hopefully continue posting at least semi-regularly!

I hope you are all well and watching lots of films!

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