This blog is a young filmmaker’s perspective on cinema, screenwriting & feminism.

I am a writer-director and film student from Southampton, U.K. My other passions include film history, queer cinema, film theory and (intersectional) feminism. I write this blog as a more casual way to explore and express my interests relating to film and  feminism, while I pursue my academic and professional goals.

There will be the occasional extra-nerdy or theory-based essay piece posted here, but mostly expect shortish chatty opinion and review pieces, as well as my Screenwriting 101 series where I share my experience and tips for screenwriting. While this blog is mostly films, it does frequently veer onto gender, LGBTQ+ and mental health issues too.

If you’re interested in my professional work please visit my website www.loreleibowman.com where you can read my screenplays and see the films I’ve worked on. Alternatively you can connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Vimeo @loreleijpbowman.