How old are you?
I am twenty; my birthday is in August.

What gender are you/ what pronouns do you use?
I’m genderfluid. I’m comfortable with any pronouns but prefer they/them. Title-wise I prefer Mx.

How often do you post?
Not as often as I should! I try to do at least one a month, but I’m very busy and don’t like forcing creativity, so sometimes it’ll be four in a week or one over a couple of months. But you can follow me on Twitter for regular film and feminism rambles.

Where do you go to university/ what do you study?
I’m currently in my third and final year doing BA (Hons) in Film at Southampton Solent University. I’m majoring in Screenwriting.

Why are you so interested in feminism?
Because I believe in equality. If you want a more detailed response you can read why I’m a Feminist here.

Can you make a post about ____ ?
Absolutely! Whether it’s a specific topic, question or just a random idea, I am more than open to suggestions – please comment or message me on this blog or any of my social media!

Do you have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram I can follow?
Yes, I do! My Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Vimeo are all @loreleijpbowman. My Instagram is @adfuturum.

What’s your film website/portfolio?
My official website is www.loreleibowman.com where you can see my films, read my screenplays and hear about my work. I also have a LinkedIn account if you’re interested in collaborating or seeing my work.

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